About Us

Our Journey

Cosmos Energies is a customer centric company that provides tailored Solar Energy Solutions. Our dynamic team of Self Leaders feels pride and honor in serving the clients and treat them as their own Family.

It all started in 2016, when our CEO and Founder had already established and co-established multiple startups and ventures. He was ready for a different phase in his life, but this time things were a bit different; he wanted to invest his future time, accumulative experience and efforts in a vision which can make him achieve the coveted goal of self-realization.

This self-given challenge became a catalyst in commencing a venture which can impact numerous lives across a wider landscape. That was the moment where Cosmos Energies sprouted out of this vision and he became a part of the ideology of making God happy. Next step was to build a TEAM which can effectively convert this vision into a reality.

Vision Statement

To leave a better world for our future generations than we got from our ancestors.

Mission Statement

Capacity building of humanity.

Our Core Values

  • Ethical Approach.
  • Teamwork.
  • Product Authenticity.
  • Ownership.
  • Process Innovation.


As famous Sufi Rumi said: “You walk on the path and the path appears.” Our journey of building a team which can dedicatedly work towards fulfilling this organization’s vision, bear fruits when gradually but constructively we gathered a team of professionals, who are passionate workers in their respective fields. Our team believes in Self-Leadership and Customer Centricity. We support the idea of building trust by our work rather than just mere words.

Solar produced


Skilled Workforce


Mr. Shams Kapadia

Mr. Shams Kapadia

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mr. Zain Ul Abiddin

Mr. Zain Ul Abiddin

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mr. Zain Wasim

Mr. Zain Wasim

Chief Engineer

Ms. Naina Borug

Ms. Naina Borug

National Project lead

Live Monitoring of the System

Our dedicated personnel is responsible for the Live Monitoring of the installed system with the relevant software operated from the head office. Relevant and timely feedback is communicated to the customer.

No Compromise on Customer Satisfaction

Our compliance protocols ensures that our operations team deliver par excellence service and must meet the customer requirements.

Free of Cost After Sale Service

After installation, we provide free of cost service to the customer under a signed Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Why Us?

We are making this world environmentally sustainable

We aim to become the drivers of change. Energy demands are on a record high and the world cannot afford to cover this demand through non – renewable energy sources i.e. with the usage of fossil fuels which results in higher emissions of Carbon Dioxide. in particular the third world countries are struggling to lower the CO2 emissions which is of utmost importance for the future sustainability of all the living beings. Solar energy is not only financially viable but it is also the answer of ensuring human survival on this earth. We deliver our services on three quality principles: