There is a new entrant in the market of Solar systems – The Dual PV Solar System. It is the modified form of installation in Solar power installations. Cosmos is one of the very few in the Pakistani market to provide and install this system for residential, and commercial users. Our team has already worked on various projects for the Dual PV solar system, installing various numbers of Kilowatts for our clients.

This system outclasses all the other existing solar systems and provides the user with numerous benefits including 20-30% reduction in the installation and maintenance cost, easily available in the market hence there are no delays in the order completion, provides you an early ROI on your investment of installing the system, produces more power per phase, provides you with the option of a stand-by backup inverter in case one inverter fails, and it is more optimized as both the inverters of the system work independently and efficiently.

The Solar Power industry is a growing industry and people are trying to come up with more efficient and innovative solutions. The dual PV Solar System is the newest landmark in this industry and promises to address the majority of pain points, that the previous systems failed to address.

For in-depth information on Dual PV Solar systems, you can always contact our Solar Advisor – 0319 9(Cosmos) 267667.