Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)



The first step in the installation process is planning which includes the following:

  • Pre planning,
  • Meeting with stakeholders,
  • Research,
  • Surveys of the site
  • Drafting and sharing timelines of the project



Exterior Design

We design customizable structure in accordance with the site dynamics. Every design accounts for the following factors:
  • Actual hours of the Sun effectiveness on your roof
  • Direction of solar panels to get maximum Sun Hours ,
  • Height of the solar panels to adjust any shades on your roof
  • Wind speed etc.

Interior Design

Electrical layouts ensure that routes of wires are properly followed. Indoor installations are done in such a way that it synchronizes with the existing set up.



Our research team ensures to procure the most efficient system customized in accordance with your needs. Factors of fluctuations in voltage, humidity, Safety of structure or electrical system’s supportive components and most importantly user friendliness are considered very thoroughly before placing any order.
We strive to bring the cutting edge and state of the art technology and techniques at your door steps.



To make a theory is another thing and to practically implement it, is another. It needs a blend of experience, fine arts, commitment, self-accountability and self-leadership. We make sure to execute things as per plan and watch for any minute deviation and rectify it.



The last step in our installation process is to ensure the optimum outputs and smooth flow of the system in the long run via 24/7 Smart monitoring system, handled by the backend experts.

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