In Pakistan electric tariffs are on an increasing trend this trend is contributing to a surge IN inflation which is making the cost of living harder and harder for most Pakistanis the question arises what alternative do we have to counter this challenge the answer lies in the renewable sources of electricity generation including solar power one of the most common myths about solar power is that it is a big expense and only the well-to-do should think of affording such luxury.

Solar energy not only gives you control over your electricity expenses but also ensures that after some time your investment in solar panel systems start giving you returns lets take basic example of a household whose monthly usage is 500 to 600 units this means that they would require a 5kw solar system to power their house the cost of solar system installation has decreased by nearly 60% in the last 78 years and it is further aided by the various solar financing options provided by different financial institutions the market returns are promising a normal solar system installation can yield a return in double digits ensuring a return on investment (roi) between 5 and 7 years approximately.

Its a win win situation on one hand solar systems are an investment that gives you peace find monetarily in terms of cost saving and future returns and on the other they provide youth opportunity for spiritual gains by protecting mother earth from reduced carbon dioxide emissions thus safeguarding the sustainability of this wonderful creation of god.