The simple answer is Yes, but an extensive analysis is necessary to evaluate this cause in detail. The recent devastation has left millions displaced and homeless, shattered their properties, and taken their loved ones away. It has caused major destruction to the infrastructure of the country which will take some time to get back into the right shape given our ability to cope with such disasters. On top of all that, more than a thousand people are recorded dead so far and almost two thousand people have sustained injuries. All this loss can be avoided and one of the ways is to take serious and effective actions against the adverse impacts of climate change.

The use of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy is usually the chart-topper when it comes to the reasons behind climate change. The world is shifting towards renewable energy which includes the use of solar power to produce electricity, hence reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. As a developing nation, we lack awareness regarding the benefits of using Solar energy and how easily accessible it is for anyone to employ. Solar-powered electricity will not only benefit the environment and reverse the impact of climate change, but will also provide you monetary gains in terms of reduced electricity bills and earning opportunities through net metering. Only 5 KW of the solar power system can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 15,000 pounds annually.

It is our collective responsibility to build our nation and ensure that these types of tragedies are marginalized. Going Solar is the least we can do to warrant that we never have to see such a human and Infrastructure disaster in our country.