Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is simply the type of energy that can be restocked at a faster pace than its usage. This energy source is also the cleaner energy source available to this world. Renewable energy can be produced through various means including solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, ocean energy, and bioenergy. Enhancing the production and supply of this energy source is one of the sustainable development goals (sdgs) of the united nations under the 2030 agenda to change this world for the better.

In recent times, impact investment in this sector has initiated the transformation of energy systems across the world, especially in the first world countries. A transformation where the majority of energy needs are met through renewable sources. Implementation of renewable energy ensures that we are taking care of gods natural resources by constantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting the environment from other harmful particles that can pollute the air, water, and land. Hence keeping the mother earth beautiful and sustainable for all the living beings including the human beings who are the utmost creation of god.

Developed countries are transforming their solar energy systems at a rapid rate due to these impact investments. The same quantum of investments must be ensured for the developing countries to continue this godly work and proliferation of renewable energy throughout the world. It is one of the effective ways to safeguard a sustainable future and net zero for our very own earth, which will subsequently result in attaining gods happiness and a rightful balance between our worldly and spiritual lives.