Pakistan is being faced with many internal and external issues one of them is the issue of load shedding which is hampering commercial and residential activities alike causing the standard of living to go down and eventually contributing to economic disparity in the country there are many solutions discussed to counter load shedding among them the most effective one is the installation and usage of a solar power system.

Solar power systems can be installed at a residential commercial or industrial facility they are connected to the main electricity grid you can use the electricity without paying any money which is produced through the installed solar power system in fact there is also inopportunity of earning extra money upon production of more electricity than you are using through the net metering scheme what makes this solution very efficient is the abundance of sunshine in Pakistan throughout the year to produce enough solar powered electricity for your needs plus the use of solar energy gives you control over electricity generation and consumption which subsequently results unsmart bill management top of all that you are contributing toward healing the environment and ensuring a cleaner and greener Pakistan for the current and future generational in all solar energy is the correct and the most feasible answer to overcoming load shedding and giving you the reins of your energy consumption into your own hands.