Already hit by rising expenses, parents are finding it difficult to manage their households. Apart from other hikes, increase in school fees is a noteworthy headache they are facing nowadays.

Pakistan is one of those third-world countries where education penetration is already low, and the recent rise in school fees can mean a further droppage of students.

For Schools, there is hardly any other solution to grapple with the current situation than to raise their fees to cover their expenses. One of their major liabilities is the overhead of electricity. Schools need an uninterrupted supply of electricity, throughout their operational hours, to run their classrooms, computer labs, library, staff rooms/offices, etc.

Here “Uninterrupted” is a keyword; along with the expensiveness, Schools also face electricity load-shedding which disrupts their operations, more importantly students get disturbed.

There can be a Win-Win solution for both schools and the parents whereby Schools can manage their electricity needs at a lower cost which will not burden the Parents any further with their household expenses. What solution are we talking about? It is the talk of the town, Yes, we are talking about Solar panels and a Solar System for the electricity needs.

There can be different types of Solar Systems like On-Grid, Hybrid, Dual PV, and Off-Grid Solar Systems. The most recommended for a School is an Off-Grid Solar System, as it completely eliminates the dependency on the local distributor’s Grid. It comes with a battery backup which allows a non-stop supply of electricity even during the load shedding hours. The other benefit is that the school’s operational hours coincide with the time where Sun is at its peak which is probably the optimal time for an Off-Grid Solar System to generate electricity.

Choosing the right service provider for your Solar system is a rigorous but critical process. Internet (Social Media and Google Search) can help you sort out which Solar Service Provider can be the best suited for your needs. You can search in different ways like Top Solar companies in Karachi or your respective city, Solar system cost in Karachi or your respective city, best Solar Company in Karachi or your respective city, etc.

Always remember, the Solar system is no different than any other electronic item, which means if you look out for a cheap and inferior one then it will become a financial nightmare for you.