Installation of Solar Panels and using them for generating electricity is a relatively newer trend, especially in Pakistan; and when something is new, there are always some ambiguities surrounding it. The same thing is happening with the usage of Solar Panels for generating electricity especially the maintenance and cleaning of these panels.

Contrary to the rumors, Solar Panel maintenance and cleaning is easy and very low budget and it becomes even easier and cheaper if yourpanels are installed on a tilt as the rain can wash away most of the debris. Here it is important to note that a panel warranty doesn’t contain any clause, covering any sort of maintenance or cleaning. Another important point to note is that maintenance and cleaning of the panels can only cost 1% annually of the total cost of the installed system. Following are some simple and easy steps that will help to keep your solar panels clean and productive at their optimal levels:

  • You should never use an abrasive sponge or soap for your solar panel cleaning as you may scratch/damage the glass. The best way to clean solar panels is by using a soft rag or biodegradable soap.
  • It is recommendable to wash the panels in the evening or at night time. Most common cleaning apparatus for Solar panels include water/water plus foam pressure gun, water pressure brush, long-handled viper, and flexible water pipes. Each apparatus can be used in accordance with the capacity and requirement of your Solar system.
  • In winter, you may need to clean your panels after a heavy snowfall. If you’re using water to clear the snow away, make sure it’s lukewarm. You can also use a squeegee/viper with a long handle.
  • Solar panels are made of tempered glass; hence avoid using hot water when clearing snow off the panels, as the extreme temperature disparity between hot water and cold panels can crack them.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of the solar panels prolong their life and ensure their 100% functionality throughout their life.
Always remember to follow the advice of your Solar service provider regarding this matter as they can specifically guide you in accordance with your installed system.